Una Luna in Spanish for Children There are 105 products.

This section offers a lively and diverse selection of very distinctive books in Spanish for the younger audience.

All our books share the peculiarity of having been edited by independent publishing houses with an exquisite taste in literature for children and young adults. These editorials, currently market leaders in Spain (also in South America), are well known for their dedication to developing beautiful books with the very highest visual and literary quality, and their commitment to do so from a multi-cultural and educational approach. Therefore, values such as equality, tolerance and respect for the environment have a part to play in most of these books. At the same time, reading is supported as a means of stimulating children's imagination and curiosity.

All the titles offered in this Spanish section have been carefully selected by professional teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language and taking into consideration that they have to be accessible to readers whose mother tongue might not be Spanish. The simplicity of vocabulary and concepts, their simple structure (rhythmical in many occasions) and the abundance of pictures, make them suitable and appealing for all, especially for the youngest children, who soon will become very familiar with words and concepts which belong to a foreign language.