Una Luna in English for Children There are 28 products.

Una Luna also offers a broad selection of books in English for a young audience which is not familiar with the Spanish language but still would like to enjoy some of the best titles published by independent editorials in Spain and South America.

In this section we have decided to create subcategories based on themes and genres rather than on age groups. Since the books are aimed at confident readers who are familiar with the English language, the section will tend to be more abundant in genres, themes and literature styles. Nevertheless, the data sheet of the book will provide more information about the age group that will be suitable for.

Our catalogue includes books for the early years or pre-readers, pictures books with scarce or light text, fictional stories, adaptations of traditional tales and classics of children's literature, short illustrated biographies ... All of them are lovely editions in which a lot of effort has been put into making them "look" and "feel" delightful. The high quality is reflected in the numerous institutional awards and special mentions that many of them have received.