Una Luna Books for Adults There are 58 products.

We also have a section devoted to the adult reader. Similarly to the other books offered by Una Luna, the titles selected for this section are special in some sense and highly valuable for book lovers who demand quality and good taste.

The books listed in this section are part of the catalogues offered by independent publishing houses based mainly in Spain (and occasionally in South America). You can find fiction, non-fiction and several literary genres and formats, from novels or short stories to graphic novels or comics. At the moment they are exclusively books in Spanish but books in English are also in plan to be stocked in the coming weeks.

Due to our initial focus on children's literature and our commitment to prioritise quality over quantity, this section is at the moment not as abundant in titles as the others. However, Una Luna is planning to grow in the near future expanding substantially its catalogue for the greater audience, for we urge the reader to visit us regularly as this section will be gradually updated and new interesting titles will be added. A process that will be carried out carefully to assure that the quality of the products will be maintained at the highest level.