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Books call other books and book lovers very often get comfort in finding connections between reads, books and writers. In this section of Una Luna you will find books that for one reason or another are connected in some way. It could be the case that they share a topic, have been written by the same author or illustrated by the same artist, or belong to similar genres. For whatever reason we might find, the two selected books are a good match and can be paired in a tandem to be taken home together.

Readers also take delight in sharing their experiences and impressions after ending a book, and what is more important, to share the experience with our loved ones and within our own family is a highly valued and priceless activity. It is well known that reading within the family, and in particular with parents and children, must always be promoted in order to strengthen family bonds and boost a healthier and more balanced upbringing for the child. Hence the reason we have included a section of literary tandems for families: a book for the parents and a book for the children.

In all the "Literary Tandem" section you will benefit from a 15% discount on the total price of the order.