About us

Una Luna was born as a result of the conjunction of three main factors: professionals working within the education sector in Scotland, Spaniards willing to spread a better knowledge of their Spanish language and culture, and above all, a lifelong passion for reading that make us all seeing books as magic recipients of wisdom as well as delightful objects. At the end of that road Una Luna was the only possible answer for our future steps. Through this project, we are able to provide customers with the opportunity to get access to a wide selection of distinctive and special editions being currently published in the thriving Spanish editorial market. At the moment, the main focus of our attention are children, however Una Luna is planning to expand its scope through offering more variety of books for a wider audience in the near future. Therefore, we encourage the adult reader to keep track of us for we expect to see our adult books section growing significantly very soon.

So far our catalogue includes a wide selection of titles in Spanish for children, all of them carefully selected on the premise of being supportive for readers and prereaders who might be approaching Spanish as a second language for the first time; a small but reach selection of books in Spanish for adults who are confident with the language and keen to approach Hispanic literature; there are also books for children and/or adults translated into English for those curious and avid readers who simply would like to take pleasure in knowing some of the best titles being published and crafted at the moment out of the border (mainly in Spain but also in South America); of course , there is a bilingual section that give shape and meaning to this whole project, since Una Luna emerged with the vocation to bring people together through opening communication channels between languages and cultures. After all, it is always important to remember that we all walk under the same moon …; finally, as an attempt to match literature to art, we have reunited a great variety of wordless illustrated books and graphic novels for all age, all of them are distinguished by an outstanding design and exquisite taste.

Therefore, in Una Luna you will find options for all ages and tastes but, first and foremost, every option is a carefully crafted and well looked after book in which a lot of effort has been put into to make it the way it is and the special way it feels. A high number of books amongst the titles that we offer have been nationally and internationally recognized since they have been subjects to several mentions and literature prizes, however we hope our reader customer will enjoy equally every single book in the collection, for in Una Luna we take pleasure assuring that the chief criterion for every book to be selected and included in our catalogue are both literary quality and perfect book production.

Welcome to Una Luna!

We are full of dreams that you can hold in your own hands. Pick a book from our bookshelves and make yourself feel at home …