CAPERUZA by Beatriz Martín Vidal


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Three crutial sequences of the book The Little Red Riding Hood ("Caperucita Roja") expressed in the most beautiful, elegant and artistic form.

From the author of "ENIGMAS"

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There are three scenes depicted in this book: Caperuza wearing the hood and turning into a red color (enrojeciendo), the disguised wolf playing with her and questioning her (el juego de las preguntas), and finally, the escape (escapando).

We have allocated this book in our Illustrated Books Section because, although it contains just a few words in Spanish these are extremely simple words. In fact, if you are reading this informative paragraph you already know all the Spanish language you will encounter in this marvellous book. You are now in a position to be delighted looking through this book with all the beautiful art contained in this illustrated album. Because Caperuza is pure art. Art that will captivate you and it will leave you stunned and wondering how a white stroke of paint in a pair of eyes can do and can say that much. You think that you knew this tale until you came across this book made by Beatriz Martín Vidal.

It is a magic and enchanting tale for adults. Perhaps young children could appreciate the world behind theses pages when properly guided by the adult explanations.

Beatriz Martín Vidal was born in Valladolid, Spain. After studying law for a time and then Fine Arts and Illustration in Bologna, Italy, she now works in her home city as a prize-winning fine artist and illustrator. She has had several exhibitions of painting and has recently illustrated a book of classic Russian tales, published in Spain. She is a professional illustrator, and has one of those collections in which it’s easy to become absorbed for hours. Her drawings and paintings depict a world that’s just slightly magical. Her subjects are mainly children, which she draws in a way that avoids “cute” and truly reveals the beauty of children and the way they view the world.

  • Publisher Thule
  • Product Dimensions 23 x 23 cm.
  • Pages 60
  • Language Illustrated (With some words)
  • ISBN 9788416817061
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Age 8+, Adults
From Title Comment
07/19/2017 Celia R.. Es como poesía He comprado este libro para regalarlo pero el tenerlo conmigo he tenido que volver a comprar otro y quedarme yo con éste ... Es magia pura. Las imágenes son tan emotivas que es difícil dejar de mirarlo. Mi hija, con solo 7 años, ha quedado tan prendada como yo. Fantástico. Una auténtica joya para disfrutarla toda la familia.