ENIGMAS by Beatriz Martín Vidal


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Have you ever heard about the Black Riding Hood? Wolves feared her!

What did the Sleeping Beauty dream? Did she ever tell anybody what her dreams were about?

Classic tales raise many questions and conundrums ...

From the author of "CAPERUZA".

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Many questions are raised from classic tales. Beatriz Martín Vidal poses her questions to the readers in a attempt to stimulate their imagination.

We want to invite you to admire and enjoy this book even if you are not a Spanish speaker. The questions, short and concise, are made in Spanish but  the answers are given through the stunning illustrations that follow the posed questions. It could be challenging for you to guess what the questions are if you can't read Spanish, but it would be a pleasant activity that would require imagination and creativity. What a great experience this could be if you also involve your children to sort out the conundrums!

At the same time the text could be disregarded since every image can be contemplated independently from the preceding question. It is like text and picture don't touch each other and belong to different spheres.

"Enigmas" (what means "Questions" or "Conundrums"), according to Beatriz, it is something that she had to do after many years working as an illustrator for tales written by other authors. Each image is an oil painting so she acknowledges that the process to complete the book was long and complex. However, seeing the result is greatly rewarding.

Beatriz Martín Vidal was born in Valladolid, Spain. After studying law for a time and then Fine Arts and Illustration in Bologna, Italy, she now works in her home city as a prize-winning fine artist and illustrator. She has had several exhibitions of painting and has recently illustrated a book of classic Russian tales, published in Spain. She is a professional illustrator, and has one of those collections in which it’s easy to become absorbed for hours. Her drawings and paintings depict a world that’s just slightly magical. Her subjects are mainly children, which she draws in a way that avoids “cute” and truly reveals the beauty of children and the way they view the world.


  • Age +8, Adults
  • Binding Hardcover
  • ISBN 9788416817085
  • Language Illustrated (With some words)
  • Pages 56
  • Product Dimensions 22 x 30 cm
  • Publisher Thule

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