OCULTO SENDERO by Elena Fortún


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Elena Fortún's autobiography hadn't been published until today but finally it is coming to light.

Written during her exile in Argentina, this book tells of her memories adopting the shape of a novel which narrates the story of a girl who wanted to be a painter and dress in a sailor suit. 



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This book is from the author of "Mila y Piolin", book that can be found in our "Una Luna in Spanish for Children" section. In this ocassion is intended for a grown-up audience.

Elena Fortún (Madrid, 1886-1952) is one the most popular and relevant writers of children's books in Spain. She was the creator of Celia, a well known character of the Spanish children's literature between the 20's and 40's of the last century. 

The road of Elena Fortún's life is the path towards understanding her homosexuality and realising her potential as an intellectual and artist. Her childhood is narrated following her style as a children's writer. Little by little, the story moves onward leaving behind the conventional dictates of feminity and entering into the ineludible and heart-breaking modernity.  Set in the pre-civil war period in Spain, "Oculto sendero" portraits to perfection the struggle and the intimacy of an exceptional woman.


  • Product Dimensions 21 x 15 cm.
  • Pages 504
  • Language Spanish
  • ISBN 9788416685776
  • Binding Paperback
  • Age Adults
  • Publisher Renacimiento
From Title Comment
07/18/2017 Elisa Enriquez Montalvo. Mi mejor libro en lo que va de año He disfrutado muchísimo con la lectura de este libro. Me he divertido, me he emocionado y me ha hecho pensar mucho. Una lectura imprescindible para entender lo que fue ser mujer, ser escritora y ser incomprendida en la época de Elena Fortún. Por mi edad fuí lectora de "Celia" en su día pero nunca imaginé que su autora llevaba esta carga emocional detrás. No dejaré de recomendar nunca este libro. Me ha encantado.