ARRUGAS by Paco Roca



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Admitted to a home for the elderly because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, for Emilio community life feels like an ordeal. But soon he accepts his new environment and decides to fight to escape from giving in to his awful destiny. 

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For the author, the human community is like a library where books are piled up in mountains populated by yellowing paper of dreams and fantasies. Where a life is covered in wrinkles, and some see the writing of their pages disappear, sheet after sheet, until they become completely blank. Despite this, the most intense emotions survive, preserved as a hidden treasure on a remote island.

"Without doubt one of my favourite comics of the year, dealing with a very human situation, one that seems to be increasing in our society, while compassionately helping the reader in a subtle way to question how age is treated, bringing into sharp reflection how we deal with the situation of people with senility and allowing a researched insight into how they really behave, Roca warmly brings you into a beautiful but bleak world. One that could, terrifyingly, face any of us." --Forbidden Planet

Paco Roca is part of the generation of Spanish authors whose work was first published in the ground-breaking magazine El Vibora. Since then he has created many graphic novels including GOG (2000); The Lighthouse (2004), a story set in the Civil War as a backdrop about an escaping soldier, which was awarded best script by the journal Notices of Tenerife, the top comic award in Spain; Wrinkles (2007), among other awards won the Best Album and Best Screenplay at the Barcelona Comic Festival, The National Comic Award and awards for best album at the Festivals of Lucca and Rome; The Grim Game (2008), a personal view of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí ; Cartoonist Winter (2010), depicts the life history of cartoonists in Franco’s Spain and also won an award from Notices of Tenerife. He also worked as writer and character designer on the animated film adaptation of Wrinkles (La Tête en l’Air), which received the Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

  • Age Adults
  • Binding Hardcover
  • ISBN 9788496815391
  • Language Spanish
  • Pages 104
  • Product Dimensions 17 x 24 cm.
  • Publisher Astiberri

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