A TASTE OF THE MOON by Michael Grejniec



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A book as magic as the full moon. The animals that live in the jungle show us how the things we share always taste much better.

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Who’s never dreamed about grabbing a little chunk of the moon? The animals in this tale wanted to taste a small piece but, however hard they tried, they couldn’t reach. So the tortoise had a great idea: “If you climb on my back, perhaps we can reach the moon”, she said to the elephant. This is a story about wishes that at first may seem impossible to achieve, but which are made possible thanks to cooperation with others. All sorts of different animals join in to help: the tortoise (who supports the world, according to mythology), the elephant, the giraffe, the lion, the fox, the monkey, and finally the tiniest of them all… This tale not only shares the qualities of well-known fables and legends, but also explores concepts such as solidarity, generosity and dreams, together with a touch of humour provided by the restless, smiling moon.

“A taste of the moon”, written and illustrated by the Polish author Michael Grejniec, is a picture book for first readers. Its structure is based on repetition and the accumulation of characters, a very typical technique found in traditional literature which makes this tale especially recommendable for reading out loud, with children playing the different characters. From an artistic point of view, the illustrations have a very simple, warm style, thanks to the use of couché paper. The images and text are distributed in a very eye-catching way, with a white background that provides balance and enhances the overall artistic effect of the book. It has been awarded with the NATIONAL READING PLAN (SEP Mexico) in 2004 and the NATIONAL READING PLAN (PNL Portugal). 

  • Publisher Kalandraka
  • Product Dimensions 19,5 x 29 cm.
  • Pages 36
  • Language English
  • ISBN 9788484647461
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Age 10+

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