THANK YOU! by Charo Pita



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- "Grandma", said Candela, "You know everything. Tell me, why (...)?"

Candela is full of questions and her grandma, like all the grandmothers in the world, is very wise but ... Does grandma know everything? Can everything around us be explained with easy words?

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In Thank you! a grand-daughter has lots of questions that her grandmother cannot answer. The truth is that we do not need to know everything, understand everything, analyse it all; sometimes it is enough just to enjoy it, live it and most of all be grateful for what you have.

A truly enchanting tale, full of silences during which the narrative is filled with the colour of Anuska’s delicate illustrations, then the text opens up and invites to sit quietly and just feel. And just feel each of the marvellous things around us that we often barely stop to notice.

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  • Publisher La Fragatina
  • Product Dimensions 26 x 24
  • Pages 32
  • Language English
  • ISBN 9788416226146
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Age 5+
  • Translated by Pip Manley

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